Summitglow Ltd

Case Hardening Services

Summitglow Ltd. has over twenty years’ experience in providing Case-hardening treatments to a wide range of different industries.

We perform this range of treatments in Sealed Quench furnaces using closed loop oxygen probes to give a controlled carbon level with the furnace.

This carbon is diffused from the surface of the steel and over a varying periods depending on the depth of case of required.

The load is then either furnace cooled (carburise only) or quenched in oil (case hardened or carburised and harden).

Carbo-nitridng involves the addition of further gases i.e. nitrogen to aid hardenability of low carbon, un-alloyed steels.

Details of our facility are as follows:

  • Temperature range: 500-1300oC
  • Quench: Furnace, air or oil

Size Range:

Max height: 480mm

Max Width: 760mm

Max length: 1168mm

For further information on these treatments please download the data sheet or feel free to contact us.