Summitglow Ltd

Hot Chemical Blacking

Hot Chemical Blacking or Black Oxide coating as its sometimes referred to is a primarily cosmetic process that offers a deep black finish on carbon, alloy and unalloyed steel items. When items are polished prior to blacking the resultant finish is deep gloss black.

The process works by the elements within the steel reacting with the chemicals within the bath to create the black surface, as a result of this nothing is dimensionally added or taken away making it ideal for finished parts made to tight tolerances.

Parts that have been heat treated can successfully be chemically blacked following treatment.

The Hot Chemical Blacking that we offer gives a modest degree of rust protection and abrasion resistance in addition to the cosmetic benefits.

Details of our facility are as follows:

Bath Size Range: 508mm x 610mm x 381mm

(Please note; this process is not suitable for Stainless Steels).