Summitglow Ltd

Salt Bath Heat Treatment Services For Steel 

Summitglow Ltd. has over thirty years’ experience in providing salt bath heat treatment to a wide range of different industries. We have the ability to treat complex components where, for example, flatness is of paramount importance, these include machine, rotary and straight cutting knives along with automotive clutch plates to name but a few.

Details of our facility are as follows:

High temperature range: 960oC – 1300oC
Suitable for all High Speed Steels, D2, D3, D6, A2, all “H” grade steels and other steels within this hardening range (including Stainless steels)

Salt Quench Facility in 540oC – 600oC range

Marquench Facility in 150oC – 350oC range
Oil Quench Facility
Size Range – Max o/d 330mm
Max length 510mm

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Low temperature range: 760oC – 900oC
Suitable for Tool steels, 01, L3 etc., and all engineering steels which harden within this range.

Marquench Facility in 180oC – 350oC range
Oil Quench Facility
Size Range – Max o/d 406mm
Max length 533mm

For further information on these treatments please download the data sheet from our ‘downloads’ page or feel free to contact us.