Summitglow Ltd

Vacuum Heat Treatments for Steel

Summitglow Ltd. has over fifteen years’ experience in providing Vacuum heat treatment to a wide range of different industries.

The range of heat treatments provided by this method include: Hardening & Tempering, Annealing, Ageing, Solution treating and Precipitation hardening

This method provides for a completely clean component after heat treatment with minimum levels of distortion and movement.

The control of the process is by programmable technologies, controlling both the furnace temperature with several thermocouples and the actual temperature of the work being treated.

Details of our facility are as follows:

Temperature range: 500-1300oC

Quench: Up to 6 Bar absolute inert gas quench

Size Range:

  • Max height: 600mm
  • Max Width: 600mm
  • Max length: 900mm

Suitable for all High Speed Steels e.g. M2, M42; a wide range of Tool Steels such as D2, D3, A2, all “H” grade steels and other steels within this hardening range including many Stainless steels such as 420, 440B, 440C and 17/4PH.

For further information on these heat treatments please download the data sheet from our ‘downloads’ page or feel free to contact us.